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    Dual Boot Program Question

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
    I am currently running a dual boot with Windows XP SP3 and the Linux rolling distro Linux Mint Debian Edition. I have a jukebox program on my Windows partition for which I cannot find a suitable Linux substitute and cannot install this program (JRivers Media Jukebox 8.400) onto Linux even with WINE or CrossoverLinux.

    QUESTION: Since I can access the Windows partition via my Linux OS, is there an easy way to access and run the Jukebox program through the Linux distro?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Why can't you install it in wine/crossover? Have you tried and run into problems? What were they? Were you unable to install it in wine/crossover or unable to run it?

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    Thanks for the reply.
    1) I did get WINE to partially install the program, but the WINE installed program looks right, but would not recognize the DVD/CD drive and would not run completely or properly. The equalizer didn't work nor did other parts of the program.
    2) After several attempts to unsuccessful install JRivers Media Jukebox, here is the reply I received from CrossoverLinux re: JRivers Media Jukebox: "while I'm not all that surprised by the failures in Media Jukebox (we just don't put any effort into media players because there are so many native options),

    Please try to install it in a rolling Linux distro if you will using either or both programs. I'm trying to install the Media Jukebox 8.400 (the last listed under Media Jukeboxes) at

    If you don't have CrossoverLinux, you can get a 2 week free trial to give it a shot.

    Old Versions - JRiverWiki

    BTW, I also tried MJ14 with no success.

    JRivers did just release a Mac version of their Media Centre and according to an older poll on JRivers Interact (their forum), there is a demand for a Linux release.

    Why am I specifically interested in this Jukebox/Media Centre? Because I've been running it for at least 11 years and it works. It has a combination of features none of the similar programs which will run on Linux have. Specifically: easily not playing Christmas music in a smartlist (dynamic playlist), easily setting up smartlists with multiple qualifiers. And I've got 11+k files (songs) already set up by genre, most with multiple genres in their properties.
    Banshee, as an example, imports these files and sets up some 1012 playlists due to the multiple genres assigned to a single song. For example; Julie London's "I'd Like You For Christmas" is genre assigned as mood, easy listening, Christmas, romance, and torch.
    Finally, and of importance to me, I can add albums, songs, artists, and other smartlists to "playing now" and then shuffle the combined list.
    I'd be happy to purchase a Linux jukebox/media center which could perform these tasks with the ease of MJ8.

    Again, thanks for the reply and bless you if you can find a jukebox/media center which will run on LMDE or any other Linux rolling distro.

    tlcmd (aka Dick)

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