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    Small & Fast Linux

    I was wondering if there was any version of Linux that is fast and is small, such as a small desktop with some softeware and I would also like it to be fast or run at decent speeds. Also is Mandrake Linux a fast and easy to use Linux?

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    Suggest you try Beatrix.

    Runs as a live cd or installs to hard drive.

    200Mb download, 700Mb installed. Gnome 2.8, Open Office, Evolution, Mozilla.

    That's all. But very fast. Fastest I've used.
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    Gentoo Linux (stage 1 or stage 2) allows you to install only what you want, and it's fully optimized to your system, but I don't reccomend it for newbies.
    You could also try a minimal distro like Damn Small Linux or Feather Linux.
    IMO, Linux in general is easy to use, once you get used to it. Mandrake is KDE-based, and I personally find KDE very annoying...
    You could also try XFCE or enlightenment with any distro.

    Yoper Linux is also reported to very fast and simple.
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    Another option is to install Slackware (latest is 10.0) and use some small Window Manager (not GNOME or KDE, they are huge) . Slackware is one of the fastest mainstream distro's out there.

    Mandrake is probably one of the slowest.

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    For small and fast Desktop Environments, try IceWM. With Debian based distros such as Damn Small and BeatrIX, you can install it with apt-get. IceWM is minimal and blindingly fast. It's also highly and easily configurable.
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    you may also try Yoper, if you are of the KDE persuasion

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