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    Unhappy you tube on mac g5 ydl

    i have installed YDL linux on an imac g5 ppc64 however i can't get you tube to work and on the yellow dog forum i got a 'nothing much you can do'. I am not sure if that came from an expert or someone who has personally gave up trying.If this is true that flash/gnash html5 or anything else that allows watching you tube cannot be installed to YDL 6.2 is there a ppc64 distro that would work with some type of flash replacement. I don't want to use download helper it takes too long and sometimes i want to have a look first before watching the whole thing.Another suggestion i received was minitube but i don't know how this works, or if it requires a specific browser,etc.Any help that allows me to have a fully functional linux g5 would be greatly appreciated. Here's hoping some of you clever people can help. Thank you for your time.

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    What browser are you currently using?

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    firefox there isn't a chromium build for the ppc64 and the gnash that is installed doesn't work with you tube.Someone mentioned swfdec but how would i go about installing this providing it works.

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    I've never used YDL, so I can just throw a couple of thoughts.
    First, what version of Firefox are you using? An older version may give some issues with plug-ins.
    Second, are you sure that you have the 64-bit release installed? I wasn't aware that YDL 6 had a 64-bit version.
    Third, 6.2 was released in 2009. So it's a bit long in the tooth. You may have better luck with YDL7.

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    I will check out your suggestions and post as soon as i find all this out.Thanks for your time and quick response. [edit] Just checked the ydl7 and it's not yet compiled for ppc64 but if you have knowledge of another flavor of linux that works better and may be easier to get working with you tube i'm open to suggestions.
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