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    Seeking advice to recover Apple Mail emails from Linux


    I'm looking for an effictient way to recover a few emails (~1 to 10) which were deleted from Apple Mail (OS X), and if possible using Linux.

    Things are as follow:
    - Emails are in the mbox format
    - In all mbox folders is some "Message" folder
    - Some of those "Message" folders contain ".emlx" files
    which are most probably the emails.
    - However the "Messages" folder in "Deleted Messages.mbox" seems empty. (So I assume the Trash folder was emptied.)

    Known are :
    - The sender's address, as well as the recipient's address.
    - The approximative date range the emails were received.

    Accessing the mbox folders is only possible as root.
    Il possible I would like avoiding to chmod the folders.
    (i.e. avoid to change their rights)

    As the "Deleted Messages.mbox > Messages" folder seems empty, I wonder if using the scalpel file carving application would not be the best way to recover the emails.

    But which header and trailing sequence to use in that case and how to filter the tons of emails ?
    Would mounting the input partition in HFS+ allow me to rescrict, in scalpel, the folders in which the emails were ?

    Any other efficient alternative to scalpel ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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