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    Which Linux Distor is Best

    I was wondering which Linux distro would be the best to use, I am using Suse Linux, but I really wanna try Mandrake Linux. Is mandrake linux good?

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    there have been many threads covering this subject already.
    it's a matter of choice/personal preference/etc.
    what will you be using linux for?

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    i prefer suse and gentoo which is fully's your choice !depends on what you want from it as lakerdonald said...
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    I tried Mandrake only once, and it annoyed the heck out of me, largely because it's KDE based. I used to use Fedora Core, but recently I switched to Gentoo, and I have to say, it's easily the best distro out there (unless you do a stage 3 install, in which case it's average).
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    Like lakerdonald said, it's all about what your needs are.

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    i would use fedora or ubuntu, there both simple systems with easy config tools and it is wideley supported
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    I'm locking this thread as it has been covered extensively on these forums. This question is a question of preference and cannot be answered for you. Do research. Read reviews and opinions. And *gasp* try other distros. You can always go back to the one you like the most after you've tried two dozen of them and made your own assessments.
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