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    Knoppix KDE speed!

    Hi I am new here, It's my honour to be here. I hope everyone's having a happy and good new year else I wish you a happy and a good new year.

    Yesterday, for the first time ever, I ran Knoppix LIVE CD. I was shocked from the results. It completely changed my view to desktop linux. The response time of KDE was super fast! Superier! Konqueror opens up windows at pretty much same speed as Explorer! This is not the same case with Fedora 2 and even 3 or Mandrake 9.0. I have been stuck with those distibutions for way too long and got me the impression that KDE would be the same on ALL distributions and simply lost interest about Linux :desktop: in general.

    What I need now from someone is to please tell me if there is a friendly Linux distribution that can be installed on a hd and has its KDE just as snappy and fast as the Knoppix one. (excluding Linspire, Xandros)

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    try yoper. it's great and fast and stuff.

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    yoper is said to be the fastest linux distro out there....try it (it requires an installation which takes 5-15 min).it's really good..
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    If you really like knoppix, you could just install that on your hard drive!

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    OMG! Thank you so much!! I just intsalled YOPER V2.2 Beta. It's flying!!!! This is increrdible!! It's even faster then Knoppix! Feels like running Windows!! The overall responsivnes of the widgets, the speed the apps are launching at is fffaaaaaassssst!! The fonts are good looking too!! The entire OS feels soooooo speedyyy!! WELL DONE to the Yoper crew!! Sorry about the "!!!" I am just excited! The default theme is very nice and the colours are pleasant to the eyes. I am exploring this OS as I write this from YOPER itself. This is a good start on ditching Windows.

    A lilttle note, the install process of the YOS V2.2 BETA is a bit unclear but thanks to my intermediate knowledge of Linux and Unix, I managed to get through. Turns out YOS wants a separate home and a separate root partition. Otherwise the rest is all good. Even my NVIDIA drivers work!

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    I use Gentoo (stage2) so my system pretty much flies too. Much faster than windows actually, which I always considered slow.
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    wow yoper has v 2.2 beta out now. wow last time i used yoper was on its 2.1 and left it cause kernal 2.6 dont work on my box......... even 2.6 on knoppix dont work.......... only 2.6 that wored for me was suse 9.1...................................

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