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    Running Windows XP Programs In Linux

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to both the Linux OS and this Linux forum as well, so I hope that everyone can just bare with me a little bit.

    I am excited to have made the choice to enter the world of Linux. In making this transition I am coming from using Windows XP, and with that being said I have quite a bit of software that I would like to be able to use under Linux.

    I am aware that Linux has a great deal of software created to replace popular titles used on Windows and Apple based operating systems, but there are many programs that I don't want to let go.

    In doing research in the past I have seen a couple of different options of how to handle this such as...
    1.) Running Windows XP in a Virtual environment
    2.) Using a program such as Wine HQ

    However, I have not yet tried these above methods out. I don't really want to run Windows in the way that most virtual environment programs work in and Wine HQ doesn't support all programs and or newest versions of them (although this is a pretty amazing program when you think of what it is capable of).

    Also just to give more information, I am currently using LinuxMint.

    Now to my question, and I know there is a little bit of a line to be crossed here.

    Not sure if it makes sense to anyone, but I am looking for a method of incorporating my Windows XP into Linux seemlessly to the point where you don't even know that Windows XP is running the Windows based programs.

    The two general ideas I have for accomplishing this are (I know both of the ideas kind of overlap each other)...

    1.) Some kind of coding that allows you to install Windows XP onto your system as well and be able to run Windows based programs under Linux but through Windows XP itself.

    2.) Some kind of virtual environment where it just opens the Windows based program immediately without having to open up the virtualization of Window XP and then have to use Windows XP in a window and open the program through that.

    Now I am sure that hardcore Linux users would not want Linux and Windows to touch in anyway, but I am just trying to make my transition as smooth as I can.
    I also know that my above ideas may be far fetched, but I have seen some and heard of amazing things that Linux coders can do, so I figured I would see if anyone has any ideas.

    I thank you all in advance for reading this and for any help that anyone can share.

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    hello and welcome, paul!

    your ideas are not so far-fetched, though I think you'll be disappointed if you are looking for something beyond WINE or VM. The only thing I can suggest is CrossOver Linux by Codeweavers, think of it like WINE Professional Edition. The main drawback with it is that it is not free.

    Most Linux users who end up spending a lot of time using Windows products tend to go with a VM, as you get much better performance, and getting hardware to run VMs these days is not too hard. However, WINE does have a great searchable repository of proven software that runs decently, if not perfectly.

    Good luck!

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    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for your response Atreyu and to everyone who has viewed my post.

    It appears as though VM and Wine are really the main two options in accomplishing what I am trying to accomplish.
    As I mentioned I haven't tried these options out yet so I can't really say that they are not effective for me.

    I am okay with going these routes, I am just looking for a little more of a way to make the VM a little more hidden. When you think of it, the hard part seems to have already been done, which is getting the VM to run Windows within Linux, the next part is a graphical way to make it appear to be just part of Linux (not to say this is easy).

    I am sure Linux has it too, but a good example (little different scenario) is like in Windows when you go to open up a file you can set and or select what program you want to open that file with.
    It would be cool if you could in Linux set a Windows program to open with a VM program so that it just opens up a window of that Windows program within Linux. In essence hiding the middle man that is the VM program.

    Well anyways, I don't want to turn this response into a "neverending story" so I will end it here.

    Again thank you all, and any other responses are appreciated and welcome.

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    I think you can get the integration you're looking for with wine. The only drawback is that some Windows software doesn't run that smoothly on wine, but I suggest you to give it a try.

    The compatibility list is actually huge, you'll be surprised. Excepting games, for which I have windows in dual boot, I run every "windows only" software that I need on wine with no troubles.

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    Virtualbox with the guest add-ons installed has a seamless mode which hides the vm away.
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    Hey Everyone,

    Thank you again for all the replies.
    Yeah at the moment I have just been toying around getting comfortable in the Linux environment, so I haven't had the chance to install both options. So far though I am really impressed with Linux.
    I've looked up a couple programs in the Wine compatibility list, some of versions of software that I have are compatible but others are not yet supported.
    I have seen some screen shots before of the Virtualbox "seamless mode" not sure how old the pictures were but it seems that this is pretty close, I did have a couple of issues with what I had seen, but maybe these can be tweaked within the program.
    Well my next step is to give these methods a try and see how everything works with my setup. Once I play around a little bit I will let everybody know how things go, just so if anyone else is in the same boat I am maybe they can benefit from the information / my opinions.

    Thank again everyone.

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