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    Trying To Replicate Some Windows XP Actions

    Hello Everyone,

    Currently Using Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon

    1.) In Windows when you want to rename a single file if you highlight the file and then click the file once it goes into the renaming mode/function which allows you to type a new file name. Does this feature exist in Linux Mint as some kind of setting? I know that the F2 function key works to rename but my keyboard is a little weird where I have to hit a function button in order to access the function keys.
    I also know there are programs that are designed for renaming multiple files as well, but I am looking for an easy way when I want to rename a couple files, quickly.

    2.) In Windows when you drag files to copy/move them to another separate device such as a USB drive, when you left click and drag the files it copies the files and when you right click the file and drag you get a little menu that pops up when you release the right mouse button that gives you the option to "move here" "copy here" "create shortcut here" and "cancel". Does anything like this exist in Linux Mint? I don't always use this little menu but sometimes it is a convenient feature.

    I am open to any suggestions

    Thank You For All Your Help

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    In Xfce, I use drag to move and Control + drag to copy. I've never seen the pop up menu you describe in Linux. The Mint developers are extremely open to ideas from their user community. Make a good case and you will stand a good chance of getting things included.
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    Thank you for your response,

    I have used those keyboards commands in the past in Windows, but I think they get a little mixed up when you are trying to copy / move files to a removable media device such as a USB flash drive.

    The menu I am requesting is pretty convenient at times, I feel it would be a nice addition, I will think about mentioning it to the creators. I actually have had quite a few ideas, but I never really knew how open the creators would be, but you say they are which is great to hear.

    As mentioned, I may also be updating to a different file manager, Thunar, I will have to see if this menu is available in this file manager.

    If anyone else has any advice, I am open to any ideas.
    Thanks Again

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