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    enforcing applications to use specific cups settings


    I want to enforce the default printer settings of CUPS clients because some users in my network don't have the patience to check their printer settings.

    For example I have a profile which has the defaults set as duplex in color with an A4 format. But the user and application can override this. Which sometimes happens. I want these profiles to be absolute and unchangeable. I haven't found a way to do this yet.

    So to clarify again. I want to have a few profiles with printer defaults which can't be overridden by the user or application. This needs to be configured at the server side, not the client. An open profile will be included as well with the freedom to change the settings. The others are locked.
    I hope someone can point me in the right direction for this one, I've searched for hours but I haven't found anything useful yet.

    There also seems to be a lack of community support for this since I can't find any official and sizable CUPS community.


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    I'm no CUPS expert, but after browsing through the documentation, I see nothing related to print job settings. My best guess is that due to the way CUPS works, there's no good way to implement what you're asking. You can however authenticate users and limit print jobs, but that probably doesn't help you

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    I think i have the solution for at least forcing a4. It's not exactly what i was hoping for (forcing from serverside) but it's at least something.
    On the client you can define a4 in /etc/papersize, so this is done clientside but it overrules every application i have seen so far.


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