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    Looking for replacement for RealOne, webradio source, &

    Ok, here goes. I am fed up with RealOne, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player. RealOne would be great if it werent for all the ads, popups, and its aggressive control of my computer. Enough is enough. I currently am cross-platform (I think that is proper saying) using Gentoo Linux and Win2K and in future plan on majority move to linux. So that said can anyone help me out on these problems.

    1. Im looking for an open source replacement for RealOne. Idealy it would be able handle everything that RealOne does, work on both Linux and Win2k, and have a decent interface. I would also like it be able to handle Ogg Vorbis. Hopefully it would be able to handle my second question as well.

    2. I am also curious if anyone has figured out how to Update/Hack/Modify the Creative Nomad Muvo NX so that you can download Ogg Vorbis files? (use in linux as well?) The other part of this is hopefully the program I am looking for above would be able to do this in both Win2k and Linux.

    3. Lastly I am curious if there are any good site that cull information on FREE webradio? Ive been out of touch on this for a few years since that horrible crackdown on webradio and fees. Ive returned to find a large majority of webradio is now locked inside a business stranglehold. uke:

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    Have you tried MPlayer? It's one of the best players, atleast for linux, handles almost every videofile you'd imagine.. I think it's available for Windows too, please correct me if I'm wrong.. I think I saw some screenshots on their homepage with MPlayer running on Windows XP

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    mplayer is a good choice to handle any media you like. As for free radio streams, check out

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