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Thread: Using CPU

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    Using CPU

    I am teaching high school students Linux and we are learning about the ps and top commands. I was wondering if anyone has a simple, short script that would use a fair amount of cpu (possibly in an infinite loop?) so that I could demonstrate how we look for this and how to "kill" it?
    I can write looping scripts, but can't seem to get any of them to use cpu.
    Thanks in advance!

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    while [ 1 ] ; do
        # Force some computation even if it is useless to actually work the CPU
        echo $((13**99)) 1>/dev/null 2>&1
    That is for infinite loop script file.

    bash -c 'for (( I=100000000000000000000 ; I>=0 ; I++ )) ; do echo $(( I+I*I )) & echo $(( I*I-I )) & echo $(( I-I*I*I )) & echo $(( I+I*I*I )) ; done' &>/dev/null
    in terminal only using bash . You must leave that terminal open though to kill the process in htop or top though.
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    Or with this easy and clean commands within a running shell:
    while true ; do true; done
    Or in a proper bash script
    while true ; do

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