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    Help to choose distro

    I am concidering moving from Ubuntu to other distro. I have spent 2 years with Ubuntu and decided to move on. I am considering Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse and Mageia. I have tried Manjaro but with my DELL XPS L502x it doesn't work well. Manjaro drains my battery very quiklly even in suspended mode, my hdd heats up.
    So I am asking for advice what distro I should choose. Can anybody tell pros and coins of those distros.

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    You're asking for a lot, particularly since (according to reviews) this laptop tends to run hot as a matter of course -- see here. But I'd say max out RAM to 8GB and run most any 64-bit distro with lighter DEs such as Linux Mint 15 XFCE . For more info on two such "light" DEs, please read this.

    AFA a Debian-based distro goes, antix-13.1 (review) would offer a starting point, especially using the Base install option and choosing applications to suit your needs. Excellent support available at its forums. It has no Desktop Environment, just your choice of Windows Managers. It's a high performance distro on modern machines such as yours. The script smxi makes post-install tweaking very easy (this is true for CrunchBang, as well).

    Slackware-based distros are many and varied; as a starting point, recommendations include VLocity or Salix or the grandaddy himself. Again, salix has excellent support via its forum. I like VLocity for its functionality, simplicity, performance and good looks.

    Fedora is Redhat and Suse is Microsoft, so I stay away, myself.

    Best wishes!
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    Debian will be the most similar to Ubuntu, is easy to install and customize for someone who's moved past the newbie stage. If you want something a little more refined that should run well on your hardware you might consider Mepis. It doesn't get a lot of attention but is a very nice Debian based distro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkylineDiT View Post
    I am considering moving from Ubuntu to other distro.
    Why? It is very important to know why have you decided to do so.
    Quote Originally Posted by SkylineDiT View Post
    Manjaro drains my battery very quiklly even in suspended mode, my hdd heats up.
    Draining the battery may mean that s.b. is tapping your computer 24/7 (even maybe watching you online through the video camera). Just in case put a stick label on the lens of the video camera ... until you find out what is going on. BTW it is not obligatory this to be the Manjaro developers.
    Quote Originally Posted by SkylineDiT View Post
    ... what distro should I choose.
    Just start with any, try different and compare. I personally would recommend Fedora 17, 18, 19 ... with XFCE Desptop (if you don't like the 3D flash graphics of Gnome 3).

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    I came across Linux Lite about 6months ago and still really like it. It runs XFCE, full openoffice etc. What I really like is that the menus actually have english words to tell you what the app is. You don't click on some weird Linux name that gives no clue what it is for.

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    I loaded Crunchbang Waldorf a few weeks back and am VERY impressed. Runs fast on my 5 year + old Toshiba Sattelite. Easy setup with the provided scripts. My wireless connection worked "out of box" and the OpenBox window manager can be configured to be pretty much anything you want. I'm sold on it.

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