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    New PCs, low budget: help!

    I need to buy two new pcs and a netbook, as in the title.

    1)The first pc will be used as a desktop computer, for web sufring, video streaming, programming, and probably will be compiling most of the time it's on. It will also be used for very sofr gaming (i mean games like Battle for Wesnoth, it should not be so greedy of resources). Possibly will be used also for playing ps1 games with pcsx.

    For this one i thought about buying:
    -CPU: amd A4-5300
    -MB: Asrock FM2A75 pro4 - m
    I have the other needed stuff like the case, dvd-rw, ram ddr3, hdd and wireless adapter.
    I don't have the power supply: wich brand and wattage do you suggest?

    2)The second pc will be used for the same purposes as the first, for a little more intense gaming (still not needing a good graphic card), and it will be accessed from the internet by a raspberry and other pcs mostly with command-line protocols. It does not need to be much more powerful than the first, but still i would like this one to be better than the first.

    My thoughts about the hardware for this one:
    -CPU: amd A6-5400K
    -MB: Gigabyte Ga-F2A85Xm-D3H
    For this too, I already have case, dvd-rw, ram ddr3 and hdd; it will be connected via LAN to a wireless router.
    Again, for this too i need your advice about the power supply.

    While i will be the only user of the first computer, i won't be so for the second, and i would like to have some suggestions for wich operating system will be more easy-to-use for the other users (they are not able to use any command-line interface, but still they should be able to install prorgams, mount and unmount peripherals etc...), giving big importance to the package manager.

    My background idea for the OS is Gentoo, but probably it's not the most user-friendly linux system around...

    3)I will be using the netbook mostly as a usual desktop-pc, but i don't need big storage: my idea is a Samsung Chromebook WiFi.

    This is my idea of the final configuration, and my budget will be around 600 .
    What do you suggest? You think it's good? Please, leave here your opinion!

    It's my first post here, so i apologise if i posted this in the wrong place but i was not sure about where to post.

    Also, sorry for my bad english: as you probably noticed i'm not a native speaker.

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    This is also my first post. Thought this was a fitting post to start with. For the money you are putting in I believe you are right no. I would sugest a Ubuntu OS. It would be by far the best system for low end user.

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    I tried Ubuntu for a few years, but I always found it buggy. I do prefere Debian to it, it looks kind of the same but it is easier to administrate; also i found Archlinux very clean and Gentoo very interesting.
    By the way, my major problem is the hardware configuration, the OS will come later on

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    Hard to suggest a power supply wattage without knowing what graphics card and other items you are using.

    Basically you want your power supply to run between 30% and 70% of maximum capacity.

    General rule of thumb is to add up all the wattage needs of components and multiply by 1.5.

    Here are the ranges for most components.

    Component Requirement

    AGP Video Card 30W - 50W

    PCI Express Video 50W - 150W 1 power connector,
    150W - 300W 2 power connectors

    Average PCI Card 5W - 10W

    DVD/CD 20W - 30W

    Hard Drive 15W - 30W

    Case/CPU Fans 3W (ea.)

    Motherboard (w/o CPU or RAM) 50W - 150W

    RAM 15W per stick of RAM

    Processor 80W - 140W

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    Thanks slw210 that will be very useful, i didn't know where to start from for seeking the power supply.
    Any other suggestion is welcome

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    Here are a couple of sites with power supply calculators.
    Thermaltake Power Supply Calculator
    Thermaltake Power Supply Calculator
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