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    Linux tool to ban IPs with too many requests?

    Is there any tool which bans IPs with too requests to my server? (i mean basic connections, not just apache requests)

    I mean when some DDoS is there, and the IPs are sending too much requests to the server.

    example: i set tool to ban IP for 1200 seconds if it send 50 requests in one minute. Or 20 requests in 3 seconds (if there are that kind of attacks) ?

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    If you are being DDoS'd, there's not too much you can do about it on your server.

    If you are being spammed by a couple IPs, or malicious scripts are downloading too much and running up your bandwidth, you can use iptables to connection limit:
    Iptables Limits Connections Per IP

    I used to work at an ISP / hosting company. I've seen over 100Gbps of traffic directed at an IP before. The network gear before you server will be dropping packets before you ever get to connection limiting. If you are truly experiencing a DDoS, you should consider a service such as cloud flare.

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