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    Mandrake Internet

    I have an external dial up modem, during Mandrake 9 setup I was asked for
    the details

    What should I have put during the dialup connection config in "domain name"?

    All is correct, it lets me connect and seems to all be working, but I can't
    open any web pages (unknown host) or ping any websites

    I can only ping myself and the ISP server I'm connected to (info found from

    Also, during the setup of Mandrake, what should I put for hostname, Gateway and DNS addresses? At the moment I have put localhost, and (both the same as the IP address I have set)

    I am not sure whether it was asking me for a hostname, DNS and Gateway for my ISP or for my network connection, it was during the network questions so I assume it was for the network (which is why I entered what I did)

    Thanks for any help you can give me,

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    I don't think the domain name really matters. Most ISPs ignore it anyway. I'm guessing that the reason you can't connect to anything or ping anything is because your DNS settings are incorrect. Try connecting or pinging by IP address. My IP address is, and I'm running a HTTP server. Try connecting to that or pinging me. I'm always online, so don't worry about that.

    As for your network settings, you should probably have set anything but localhost for your hostname. It doesn't really matter what you use, as long as you don't use localhost. localhost works for most things, but there are things that will choke on it. Also, you should have left the gateway and DNS server entries empty, since I'm guessing that you have neither.

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    Right, well thanks for your help

    As I shafted the first install (thanks for telling me!) I formatted those partitions during my first ever Expert install (didn't really need to be much of an expert for it though)

    Went through it, I'm now in Linux on the internet posting this !!

    Thanks for your help,


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