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    forgot root password

    What can I do to recover root password if I forget it.

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    well, you can always:
    1)boot a livecd like gentoo, knoppix, etc.
    2)become root on the livecd
    3)mount your hard drive
    mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
    replacing hda1 with the appropriate drive and mountpoint
    4)chroot into your linux distro's environment
    chroot /mnt/hda1 /bin/bash
    replacing hda1 with the correct mountpoint
    5)then do:
    and whabam you should be set

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    Or you can boot into single-user mode. On grub do this by appending 'single' to the kernel line. This puts you directly into root without a password. All the more reason to password-protect grub.
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    this is definately problem cause if you reboot a server and someone types that gets full access....
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    Quote Originally Posted by stathisx
    this is definately problem cause if you reboot a server and someone types that gets full access....
    thats why physical access to any machine must be protected if the machine is important, like a server. Mac OSX is just as easy to crack into. XP you need boot media, but with physical access anything is possible

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    Qt Designer - Segmentation fault

    I am doing a project using Qt and postgreSQL. While opening some forms segmentation fault occur some times. What may be cause and How can I solve the problem. Please help.

    Hasan C. C.

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    i think we should have a sticky post about how to recover root password

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    You can always hack yor box
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    just go to
    remove encrupted passwd

    root::13046:0:99999:7::: (with out password)

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    Re: forgot root password

    Quote Originally Posted by hasanceecy
    What can I do to recover root password if I forget it.
    on the grub interface highkight ur linux distro
    press 'e' on the key board
    u will be taken to the sub menu
    here select the line that starts with the word kernel and hit 'e' again
    the line will now appear in editable mode
    donot delete anything from the line... go to the end of the line and add '1' without the quotes to it
    "kernel ***** ro root=LABEL=/ 1"
    hit enter
    now u will be taken back to the sub menu
    now press 'b'
    u will be booted in single user mode and dropped down to a shell
    now type at the shell
    #passwd -d root
    this will remove old password of root
    now type
    #passwd root
    Enter new password: ****
    Confirm: ****
    this will give u a new password for root user
    now type
    #init 3
    u will be taken to the root login
    now login with ur new password for user root

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