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    Whacking the mouse to the side of the screen to switch workspaces

    Which modern WM lets me do this like Dynebolic did way back when? It made life SOOOO easy!

    And which of the current mainstream distros ship a WM that'll do it? I have some mag coveer DVDs like Zorin, Ubuntu, Knoppinx etc.
    Is there any way to coax Fedora 20, at least one of the many desktops shipping in Fedora 20 to do this?
    What about Ubuntu Studio?


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    KDE (I am using KDE-4.12) will do this.
    Just go to Configure Desktop -> Workspace Appearance and Behavior -> Workspace Behavior -> Screen edges -> Other Settings -> Switch desktop on edge and select "Always Enabled"

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    Thanks so much muzhmuzh Is there any way to do it in GNOME?

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    Oh COOL!

    Hey, I got it working on my Ubuntu Studio!

    It was in Settings->WIndow Manager->Advanced.

    ALways had a feeling that US uses XFCE which is the same one as Dynebolic did!

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    Still have the GNOME question though.

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    Sorry I do not know. I have not used Gnome for years!

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    Whacking the mouse to the side of the screen to switch workspaces

    sorry meant to post this in "X"
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