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    Linux for me all the time....

    Being fed up with Windows and then trying Linux and then getting fed up with Linux due to lack of crucial native apps like dreamweaver and adobe I decided to buy an Apple. Ok I have been using this B&W for about a week, I tried to install OSX and it was so damn slow on a 500mhz apple with 640mb ram I ended up going back to os9.2 which is a snappy little system, but tonight Im feeling a bit peeved off, Apple does not feel right for me, Windows feels right for me but I hate it, Linux feels better each time I use it. OSX is ok but it just feels like a super linux thats all, it is something Linux can be if software vendors get off there arses.

    Overall If I had a choiuce between all three os Linux is the one I will keep coming back to time and time again why? Because you dont need to spend over 1,000 to run the latest os, Linux runs on anything, Linux is fast, Linux has so many different types and finally its virus free and its friendly. WinDows just sucks which is what I am using now.

    Linux installartion will be going back on tonight. Fedora Core 3 here we come.

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    talk about not making your mind up
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    you might want to try NetBSD on that old Apple.... It'll run on anything

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    If you're willing to pay $30, crossover office should be easily run dreamweaver and adobe. If not, you can try the opensource project that crossover office branched from, Wine, but it might not work as well.
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    Crossover office works awesome. I think it is better than VMware for 1/10 the price. Gimp does a pretty good job doing photoshop tasks. I have had some problems matching Dreamweaver myself so I have a little windows box that does Dreamweaver for me but I bet Crossover guys will takle that soon enough then windows will be thrown out the window.

    good luck
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