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    DNS issue on Mandrake

    I setup a Mandrake 8.2 box, i installed phpbb message board on it and i created a mysql database. During the installation of phpbb i had a problem because it kept saying can not connect to the database. when i changed the DBN of the sever to the ip address it worked fine. So i assume the issue is a dns. I have the linux box get its ip address via dhcp from a NT box. I can ping the linux server name and get a reply. Any one know how i can fix this on the linux box.

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    I assume that your pinging from windows? If so, it gets the IP address via NMB, so I guess you're running samba on your linux box. If you were running the DHCP server under linux instead of NT (which, of course, you should), I could tell you how to do dynamic dns updates whenever the DHCP server gives a lease. However, since it's windows, I've got no idea of how to fix it on the DHCP server. If it just has to work on the linux box, use localhost, or set up your DHCP client to alter your /etc/hosts (I'm not sure if that's possible, but I guess it should be). If it has to work on the entire network, it has to be done on the server. (Of course there _are_ alternative solutions, but need I go on?)

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