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    Linux show memory vs cpu vs io [history]


    please which command or linux script to use to check history cpu versus memory versus io usage or vs number of httpd processes?

    I know there is "sar" which does this, but im unsure how to merge the output so it shows cpu, memory, io etc at one line? thx

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    See the sar command (sysstat). The default collection period (crontab) is 10 minutes. I find that I need to change that to 1 minute and alter the command to collect all stats so I can do detailed analysis of the behavior of a system over time.

    As for one line? That's up to you to parse, extract, and present the data in a format that makes sense to you. I use a hadoop-based time-series database and web-based GUI for that.
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    please which command is that to show cpu, ram vs i/o next to each other?

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