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    Mint 16, Acer Aspire One, A re ocurring file: media/untittled/buda?


    I am unsure that I am in the right area. I have a file that appears on every usb stick as well as my usr file, no matter how many times I delete it.

    I do download torrents using qbittorrent only. I do not use browser magnets, (if that makes a difference)

    This is the file:
    /media/elansa/UNTITLED/buda this shows 0 items
    No application (that I know of) can open it.

    I compressed it to see if there were contents not showing
    /media/elansa/UNTITLED/buda.tar.gz this shows 112 bytes.

    When I reformat the usb on my chromebook all space is available.
    When I save a file to the re formatted usb the "buda" files appears

    My system does not appear to be affected. I can not find any information concerning this file. It may be nothing but operator error.

    I appreciate your time and effort.

    I have attached screen shots of the file showing 0 and the tar showing 112bytes
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    You could try this in a small terminal window that you make sticky on every workspace:
    FILE="/media/elansa/UNTITLED/buda"; rm -vf $FILE; while [ 1 ]; do if [ -e $FILE ]; then echo "FILE EXISTS"; echo -ne "\033]0;******** FILE EXISTS ********\007"; fi; sleep 1; done
    You can minimize the window and the title of the task bar button will change when the file appears.

    Then go about your regular PC usage. When it starts printing "FILE EXISTS" you will (hopefully) know what you've done to cause it. Or at least when the file got created.

    BTW I see no screenshots. Maybe size limits?

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