Hi all,

I have a small problem with speed/duplex changes. For my user application, I need to track speed/duplex changes in interfaces. For that I used netlink messages from kernel, and update speed/duplex whenever I receive a netlink message from kernel, even though the netlinks are generated for MTU and some other changes, this hasn't made any impact on my code.

Now the problem is whenever a change in duplex for same speed, network interface is moving to that duplex, but netlink messages are not generated.

speed 100
duplex full

now if duplex alone changed by ethtool or some other ioctl() apps to,

speed 100
duplex half

For this netlink messages are not coming from kernel for drivers except e1000 and e1000e

Previously we used e1000e NIC drivers and everything was as expected. But now with other drivers like natsemi,r8169 netlink messages are not coming.

Is this an expected behavior?? What to do if I need to receive netlink message anyway(other than down and up the interface)??

Thanks in advance.