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    3 really annoying things i would love help with

    running mandrake 9.1

    annoyance #1 is there a way to create an icon that will automatically launch konqueror as root? I am constantly needed root access and i cant stand having to keep typing my pw and loading up konqueror to manipulate files

    annoyance #2 how can i tell konqueror to remember window size and position? Everytime i click the icon it opens up and its small and i want it to be bigger and at the bottom of my desktop not in the dead center.

    annoyance #3 i've noticed that when i open up an email (in evolution) and there is a link embedded , i click it and it will not launch netcape...even if i right click over the url and select open in browser. It will however work if i already have netscape open it'll open a new window just fine. why does it want netscape to be open first? is there a way to change that?

    Thanks folks

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    1. I don't know there is any KDE "correct" way to do that, but create a SUID root program that execs konqueror. For some reason, interpreted programs don't seem to be able to be SUID (can someone tell me why?), do create and compile this C program instead:
    #include <unistd.h>
    int main&#40;void&#41;
        execl&#40;"/usr/bin/konqueror", "konqueror", NULL&#41;;
    Compile it and make it SUID with these commands (providing you named the file rootkonq.c):
    gcc -o rootkonq rootkonq.c
    chown root&#58;root rootkonq
    chmod 4755 rootkonq
    Then create a menu item pointing at that program.

    I don't know about #2; I don't use KDE.

    3. Probably something wrong with netscape. Check your .xsession-errors to see if you can find an error.

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