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    Sharing files between Linux distros on multi-boot computer

    I multi-boot my computer into various Linux distros. I share files in a partition between the Linux distros. My current scheme, taken from an Internet posting, is:

    1) Have my shared partition mapped to /opt/LinuxShare ( its an ext3 partition )
    2) Use the set group id permission flag on a top-level directory and have all my individual sign-ins for the various distros have the same group number.

    This allows my individual sign-ons to access the files in the top-level directory but doesn't scale well to sub-directories. A sign-in for one of my Linux distros may create files in a subdirectory of my top-level directory and another sign-in of another Linux distro can't access those files because the program that creates that subdirectory and files is not setting the set group id flag on those files. I end up having to recursively set the set group id flag on the subdirectory files and that seems a real PITA to me.

    The goal is that whenever some sign-in of a Linux distro creates files under my top-level directory all other sign-ins of other Linux distros which I multi-boot should be able to access those files. When I say access those files I mean both read them and/or change them. Finally I will never create any files in this shared directory as 'root'.

    Is there a better scheme which will enable me to effectively share files between different Linux distros in the way I want ? Many of these shared files are sources for building software, essentially svn or git repositories I want to share between distros. Others are just downloadable source trees which any distro can use. The important point is that I want to be able to both read and update these source from any of the Linux distros I multi-boot so that my sign-in for another distro can use those sources. The outcome of building software from those sources is always done in a non-shared local distro directory, but the sources need to be shared and/or updated from any distro in which I multi-boot.

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    I guess you could write to script to change those permissions which are a PITA and have it execute periodically in the background. Another option which comes to mind is NFS, the network file system which may accomplish what you describe. Each distro could mount the NFS automatically in their various /etc/fstab configs. Slight learning curve, but sounds doable to me.

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