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    How to run bash script so it has speciffic name in the process list?


    i need to keep running one bash script. And if it gets killed or stoped by any reason, i need to start it again as soon as possible.

    I could create cron task to run it and in the script create condition based on ps aux results to see if it already running. If running i will exit the script and do not continue.

    But in process list i cant find the script, only sometimes commands it is using.

    // update: when run "./scriptname" i cant find, but when run "sh ./scriptname" i can see "sh scriptname" in the process list
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    Rename the file of script to be the name you desire to see in the PS.

    Add the first line:
    Make it marked as "executable" one of the following:
    chmod 700 filename
    chmod 750 filename
    chmod 770 filename
    chmod 755 filename
    chmod 775 filename
    chmod 777 filename
    Run the script with its location in the PATH environment variable, with the qualified path, or a relative path such as ./filename

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    Use the script's ps id instead :
    echo $#

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    what exact command are you using to find the process? ps has many more options than "aux", i'm sure one of them can find your script.
    or, have you tried "pidof -x scriptname"?

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