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Thread: Wierd thing

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    Wierd thing

    I went to logout and start a new session i hadnt done it since I installed SuSe 9.2. Well when i went to log back in it said my password was incorrect so after trying it two or three times I tried loging in without a password and it let me login kinda like windows 98 was. Anyways i went to the control panel and decided to change my password well again it said invalid passord what is the deal with my password how could it get changed w/o my knowing?? I am the only user on this puter and y did it let me login without a password?
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    Maybe you got hacked and somebody changed it?

    If you set up your users in the gui there are a different set of rules. by default the password expires. If you setup the password in the command line by defaul it never expires. I would think that your password simply expired, but to how you got in without one is impossible unless somebody changed something. If you typed passwd <username> in the command line it will delete the password (or simply just make the password nothing).

    I would look at the logs to see if sections are missing or see if root had logged in on times you know you weren't on the computer.

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    Try this.

    Open KDE's control center then goto system adminastration then to login manager then the tab labled convenience and see if the check box labled Enable passwaord-less logins is checked if it is checked then uncheck it.
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