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    BOCHS from is a x86 emulator that runs LINUX

    BOCHS is an x86 emulator that runs LINUX (available from

    I ran it but it needs tying together --- the components use WinPCAP for networking and the networking needs to be enabled to make it run and so on.

    If somebody can write a Tutorial on how to run Debian or Red Hat Linux on BOCHS on a Windows 98 system using WinPCap can somebody do it.


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    BOCHS is a linux emulator for Windows

    BOCHS on is a beta release of a LINUX emulator (actually an x86 emulator) for Windows.

    Works with WinPCAP.

    If you get it working please let me know.


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    Also DSL (DamnSmallLinux) can run on WIndows.
    It's like you run an .exe file and it opens a window where you see your Linux booting
    This allows you to have a linux running your favorite linux apps on top of windows where you can run your only-work-on-windows apps.
    Downside: you need a pretty powefull PC if you want this to run not too slow.

    more info here ==>

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