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    Quote Originally Posted by Venine View Post
    This is hilarious. You should rather use a loudspeaker rather than a Linux distro.
    yeah it is funny to watch you. you ignore anything about you and the crap you shovel out and try to redirect towards me. however, as nihil pointed out, it aint working. everyone sees it. your an idiot who gives bad advice then whinges like a little child when he gets called on it.

    keep digging, venine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venine View Post
    @nihili, it seems like you can't 'clearly' see who started the fight.
    oh i can see it very clearly.
    it's the one who exploded and started getting abusive after having been criticized for necroposting.
    i exactly pointed out where that started; before that it was just bickering.
    but now that you started it, you can be sure that habit will keep on pushing back.

    Never have I ever faced such an issue of posting stuff in an inactive thread in others.
    there is no issue, apart from the one you created in reaction to a critical comment.

    You should really look into @habit, this guy has a habit of filling threads up/being too rude to other users without shredding an ounce of information on anyone.
    oh, we know.

    I wonder what the mods are doing and what the **** is up with this forum and apathetic people hanging around mostly shitposting gibberish in threads which they deem 'noobish'
    what do you think a mod is going to do when they read this:
    a) drop everything and start going through all the threads where people have been less than helpful, admonishing them
    b) warn the one who put various abusive words & name-calling into one sentence

    @habit : you seriously are one hell of a dick
    and it goes on and on...

    You should be tempbanned
    @habit: ouch, that must have hurt?

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