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Thread: newb again

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    newb again

    I am a newbie and have just got Suse 8.2....haven't installed it yet though!
    Can someone tell me of some good Linux sites...if possible related to Suse please?

    I don't know anhything about X or i guess i am a total newbie...well anyhow thanks for your help

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    How about Also, for information on how to accomplish certain tasks, see the categorized list of HOWTOs at

    As for an Xplanation (har, har... sometimes I just crack myself open...) of the X Windowing System and its subcomponents, we had another post about that a while ago in the X-Windows forum. See I hope it helps a little, at least. Just say if there's anything you want to know.

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    Thank you

    I'll look into it...thnx Dolda2000


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