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Thread: ps4 user guide

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    ps4 user guide

    I am limited to 12Gb monthly at a high cost on the little island I live on.
    I have looked and tried to understand the wget manual. I have no idea what most of it means. I want to download the ps4 user manual which is an on line users guide. I tried using the -r function but all I end up with is the index and not a usable downloaded replicated HTML site. Is at all possible?

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    please keep in mind that all web browsing adds to your monthly download limit, not just the actual downloading of files.
    you can limit this by

    • disabling images and media in your browser, because they're the largest files
    • disallow javascript and cross-site requests, with addons like e.g. noscript and requestpolicy
    • MOST IMPORTANT: use an adblocker!!! ads take bandwidth. a lot.

    about wget:
    it can only download what URL it is given.
    it seems you gave it the url to the website containing th edonload link, but it needs the URL to the file itself.
    additionally, many pages hide the actual download link behind javascript, and to my knowledge wget cannot handle that. other linux applications might, though.

    all in all, it is unlikely that you will save benadwidth with wget if you have to use the browser to get to the actual link.

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