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Thread: Linux Desktops

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    Linux Desktops

    How many desktops are there for linux? I have only heard of Gnome and KDE, are there any more.

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    yeah that is basicaly it for desktops however there are many other options if you find that desktops are too bulky there are wm's(window managers) like fluxbox,icewm,E(Enlightenment) and many many more...
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    i never knew that ice and the others were window managers and not desktops thanx for the info
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    What are window managers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude500
    What are window managers?
    They manage the X windows used to display things, so basicly the boxes things like FireFox are in.

    They are lighter, in my breif experience of FluxBox, you clicked on the desktop background and a menu poped up with all the porgrams etc.
    I don't remember there being anything like icons on the backgraound, or a taskbar with program icons etc on it;

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