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Thread: Xandros Linux

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    Xandros Linux

    Has anyone tried?? What about. Is there any "un-popular" Linux distro that is comparable to them (the popular one). Thanks.

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    Does anyone have any idea how many different Linux distros are out there? It seems like I discover a new one just about every week.
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    We've been running Xandros Linux for months. I picked it up for $99. I can hear it right now. "Why did you pay $99 for a Distro?" Simple. I'm a complete Linux newbie and an NT admin who wants to migrate to Linux. So I decided to start with replacing our Domain Controller with Linux but I needed everything working out-of-the-box. If I had spent the time to learn how to setup a free Distro, it would have cost my company more money than just purchasing Xandros. Now I can learn at my own pace. With that said..

    Yes , Xandros is very good, so good that I haven't touched it in months, only to apply updates from the Xnadros Network. Samba works out-of-the-box and with a few changes (very simple) I now have a Linux PDC with NT machines. Be sure to check out what your needs are though, Samba may not meed all of them, but I am very happy with it and Xandros's stability. NT cannot compare!

    The price is now down to $50 bucks I think. Tech support is very helpful.

    I plan on trying Suse and it's office products for the next conversion. Many of our clients want an alternative to M$ Exchange (too expensive) and need Document/Calendar/email sharing. I've heard that Suse has a very nice Exchange alternative.

    My 2 cents.

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    A nice exchange alternative? I believe what you are referring to is Evolution. It's a program developed by Ximian to be an alternative to MS Outlook. I haven't really used it that much, but I believe that it's really good.
    The thing is that MS Exchange Server uses a proprietary protocol (no really, it's true), so for any Evolution clients to communicate with an Exchange server, you'll need to buy the Exchange connector for Evolution from Ximian. I believe that they have to sell it to afford the licensing costs for the Exchange technology.

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