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    I know i am getting further than nyself but i am just curious and want some answers...thnx

    I am on a LAN and plan to make a dual boot with Windowws 2000 and Suse 8.2....

    Is it possible to connect to my computer remotely from the outside?
    Would i need Apache to get in?
    There is no IP Address to the outside of the LAN...inside the LAN it is configured by DHCP.....

    can u just tell me how it would work?...oh and by the way...there is another computer on the network which is a server (Apache on linux),and has web pages and stuff thnx alot

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    Can you describe your exact physical network setup?

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    A little more information would be great....



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    as exact as possible

    There are 4 computers on the with Win 98,one with Suse 7.x,one with Windows 2000 and one with WinXP.

    The one with Win 2000 is mine and i 'm gonna make a dual boot with Suse 8.2.

    All computers are connected to the hub which is connectred to the router which is connected to the broadband modem.So we are sharing one internet connection.

    On Suse 7.x there is a Apache Server running already (Webpages).

    I want to know wheather it is possible to connect to my PC remotely..

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    it is possible to connect to your pc remotely, all you have to do is forward your machine's ip address and the port number on your router to your local machine and make sure that a correpsonding service on your local machine is listening on the same port.
    you dont need Apache to connect to your pc, as i said as long as any service is listening on that port , your pc can be accessed remotely.

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