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    I don't think we've done anything Bash related.

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    This is driving me crazy

    All I want is to write a simple script that will take an argument as such:
    test "test dir"
    and would create a directory named "test dir." But it needs the dam space in its name. Becouse it going to go to my MP3 Player, and then the name is going to be extrapolated from the file name, and basically it is going to be mess if I use "_" becouse of the whole linux>win>mac file transfer blah.... Any way, so all I want is the dam directory to have a space in it's name. What am I doing wrong?

    Here is a simple version of the script above:
    $ test "test dir"
    mkdir $file
    Things I experimented with with no success are
    file=${1//\ /\\ }
    and it steel does not work. Am I missing something totally stupid here?

    - Bogdan

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    Just curious, why don't you make a partition on your hard drive that is FAT32? Then the compatibility between the systems would be sovled, if that is the only reason you are trying to include spaces.

    No, it doesn't solve your problems with bash very well... but it *is* a solution.

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    I do not have win on my linux box, it is a headless server down in my garage So no need for FAT partition. And linux has no problems with names that have spaces, I am sure it is a problem somewhere in my code. I use win on my laptop because linux does not work on my current hardware, ACPI Problem

    Any way, if anyone out there feels charitable enough to show me how to pass names with spaces to mkdir inside a bash scrip, I would be grateful.

    - Bogdan

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