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    ive heard of a program called bochs that works like vmware, but its free

    i tried to install vmware on SuSE 9.2, but couldn't get it to work

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    I will try those other programs, but I need to know if cygwin can run linux programs

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    See their website for more information on cygwin :
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    Well I have been to the site, but I haven't found anything about it running linux programs, but I'll check again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude500
    Well I have been to the site, but I haven't found anything about it running linux programs, but I'll check again
    As was mentioned earlier, Cygwin isn't actually an emulator. It's a set of Windows-compiled programs that emulate the command line in Linux. If you need to actually download and run Linux software in Windows you'll need to look at other options, perhaps CoLinux.
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    What is Colinux?

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    I've used Qemu. It really isn't stable for windows though: I tried to run Slax, and it worked, except the Slax output window squezed it so its something like 200 by 700px, and so you can't really do anything... It might work with another distro though (Note that Slax is basically slackware, but slax is a live cd linux distro).

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    I have heard that you can compile some Linux programs under Cygwin but I never really tried it.

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Well I have found co linux

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