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    Keys stopped working...

    A few keys on my keyboard have stopped working
    They are:
    ` (to the left of one)
    (single quote)

    The problem that I have is that I have to punch them twice to get a response...

    I believe this happened when I upgraded to the newest x-org

    Programs do not seem to recogize these characters ( does not function as normal quotes, it looks smaller than ones that are copied in from other docs, which is now my only way of getting these characters at all...)

    Does anyone know whats wrong (its got me absolutely lost...)


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    applies to the punch them twice>>this sounds like a hardware problem to me.... get an air line or some canned air and blow out your keyboard...sounds like there is something under the keys preventing them from going all the way down

    now if they arent reconized then did you change your keymap?
    or your localization( the default charicterset)
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    Its not hardware (happens on 2 keyboards)
    The keys also work great in the console (when not in x)

    How would I go about seeing if I had changed the character set or localization?



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    Check in your Xorg.conf file, it sounds like your keymap was change when you upgraded, look under the keyboard section, and make the appropriate changes.

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