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    Fastest and most user friendly linux

    I have an assignment at school to intstall linux on a computer. This linux is supposed to load fast and also be very user friendly. It is only to be used for basic things such as word processing, internet acess and email. Which distribution would you recommend I use?

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    Is the install supposed to be user friendly, or just the use? If you really want to impress, you'd use something like Gentoo, Arch, or Slackware to build a user friendly desktop. Otherwise I'd probably suggest Beatrix, which is a nice lightweight, installable LiveCD based on Debian that has a heavy focus on usability with old computers.

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    Edit: Whoops, loading fast isn't one of Debian's strengths, or actually of most user friendly distros. My Arch install boots in about 15 seconds POST to cli, but I don't recall seeing a Debian or RPM based distro that boots in less than 45 seconds POST to cli/*dm.
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    Found this great page on ibiblio last night: a list of every distro I've ever heard of, a whole bunch I haven't, a brief description of each and code for [all? / most?] at least some. It's at least worth a bookmark.
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    Thanks for all of the help. I'm looking into them now.

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