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    need help..urgent

    oh oh....have installed Suse 8.2 and configured everything (Grub,Sound,Gfx,Mon,Internet and mail...)
    Then i wanted to boot Windows i restarted and chose Windows in the Grub loader..

    It loads till the message press F8 for more options...and then after that i get STOP message : Inaccesible_Boot_DEvice

    What is going on?...i looked around online..but till now no one has this problem due to a dual boot with win2k and suse8.2....someone help me please please....!!!


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    I just looked around in Control Center..under partitioning...and guess what i windows 2000 professional partition turned into a WIN 95 FAT...can u believe it???
    i tried to edit it...but it didn't have any selection like NTFS....oh oh.....Someone...please help....i'm lost...

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    Before I say anything here, I've never used Suse but if NTFS has been repartitioned to FAT32, that's bad news.
    Oh wow. I guess you must have some how converted your NTFS partition into FAT32 which means that you now need to reinstall Windows 2000. If you decide to reinstall Win2000, you'll need a way to get into Linux so that you can write GRUB to the MBR again (more on this later). For now, check if you have the program fdisk by typing 'which fdisk'. It'll most likely say /sbin/fdisk. Then become root by using 'su' and entering the password. Now, run 'fdisk /dev/<your hard drive>'. Once you do that, you should be in fdisk. 'm' is prints the menu. All I'm interested is your partition table so press 'p' and see if the Windows partition still is FAT32 as opposed to NTFS.
    Now, if you still see that it's an FAT32, then I'm afraid you have no choice but to reinstall your Windows 2000 since repartitioning a partiton will destroy it's data. What amazes me is how this happened. Can you recall what you did during installation?
    If you decide to reinstall Windows2000, you'll need to create a floppy boot disk so that you can go back inside Linux (Windows2000 reinstallation will write over the MBR). I'll how to do that if you'd like.
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    i really don't know

    i really don't know what to do...i have so many mp3's on NTFS...jeesh....i thought of copying all the thing i need from NTFS partition to that possible?

    Ok now to how i installed it :
    1)Boot Suse 8.2 from CD...couldn't resize the ntfs partition to include Linux without uninstalling the Windows partition.

    2)So i inserted the Mandrake 8.2 install cd into the drive and partitioned it via the partitioner in Mandrake.

    3)Now i have one NTFS partition and one other Mandrake partition.

    4)I inserted the suse 8.2 cd and formatted the new Linux partition.
    Installed Suse 8.2 and configured Monitor and then internet....fine...

    Rebooted ...Grub popped up and i selected Windows in the list ....but it didn't said STOP ...... INACCESIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.

    And then I used the rescue console Dell provided with my pc and typed chkdsk...and it said that my harddisk had irreparebable problems.....

    OH OH

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    I hope that Dell's rescue console or chkdsk didn't mess anything up, otherwise there might be hope. I don't know why anything would have changed the disk label to FAT32, but as I see it, the probable reason for this is that only the disk label has been changed, and not the actual file system. Which partition do you have the NTFS file system on? If it's /dev/hda1, run "file -s /dev/hda1" and post what it returns, along with the output of "fdisk -l /dev/hda".

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    not good at all

    after seeing that NTFS partition is on /dev/hda1 i followed your instruction and got the following :

    x86 boot sector , system MSDOS5.0,FAT (12 bit)

    i don't like this....arghhh

    I mounted this partition onto /mnt/Windows...and opened the folder..there were folders and files but they have strange names like : #$%^^% and many of them is 0 me Dolda2000

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    FAT12?! Whatever could you or anything else have done to cause that? It seems as if a NT floppy boot sector has been copied onto that partition for some reason. It could also be that Dell's rescue console or chkdsk has messed up a messed up situation even worse.
    I really don't know enough about NTFS to be able to diagnose this any further. Maybe the guys at the linux-ntfs project can help you. They should at least know the physical structure of NTFS and be able to verify if there is anything left of it. Try contacting one of them.

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    so....there is probably no way of saving windows right??
    I managed to mount the partition least something

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    Yeah, but since the files were all garbled, it doesn't really say anything. FAT12 doesn't really have any run-time consistency checks.
    At least try consulting with one of the linux-ntfs developers. He just might be able to help you.

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    To my knowledge, it is not possible to convert from NTFS back to Fat32. If your partition was once NTFS and now is showing up Fat32. You are out of luck my friend. Normally when Windows gets confused as to the type of partition, it will display it as RAW.

    Someone here can correct me if I'm wrong, but only Partition Magic could make this conversion, or a similar app.


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