Hi guys, I am looking for a good Text-to-Speech (TTS) for linux. I installed Festival, but it's text to speech is not as good as I would like it to be. It does not pay attention to sentence structure and words turn out to be separated by large gaps. Any way, my all time favorite TTS is "Lernout and Hauspie" one. It was given out for free by Microsoft for some time, until MS came out with there own, much worse version. The same company who owns "Lernout and Hauspie" just came out with RealSpeak 4 TTS, which is distributed on Red Hat and, I assume, other Linux platforms. Problem is it is not free as far as I can tell, and you can't really get it unless you are a corporation or something like that. So I was wondering, do you know of any way to get any of the products I mentioned above. Perhaps some one here has a copy Or on the other hand, are there any other good TTS for linux, aside from Festival.

Thank you,

- Bogdan