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    auto mounting and sharing.

    Where I work we have a file server with about 100 GB of space. We currently back stuff up off to CD when it is no longer neaded and index it so we can search and find the propper CD at a later time.

    It has gotten to the point where the number of "live" jobs no longer fits on the server, so I am adding some space.

    What I would like to do is USB 2.0 or preferably 1394b drives. But if I am using the storage on removeable drives I would like to index them instead of the CDs.

    This brings me to the actural question. Is there a way for one of these older drives to be plugged in and automatically come up as a share for both netatalk and SMB (actually if it was only Atalk that would be fine) using the volume name as the share name (would be a date).

    Also, how would such a solution react to being unplugged?

    Short of the autonaming, and I set it up to detect a new sdx device and share it using some some random name?

    The other thig I have been thinking is just alwaws having everything live (with 500 GB drives and 1.6 TB cases I can go for a long time, we produce approx 1 TB a year (2 CDs a week).

    Any other suggestion for how to handle this would be welcomed.

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    If you use submount or supermount, you can get Linux to mount these disks automagically when you plug them in. I'm not sure about unmounting them, but I think that [sub|super]mount handle that as well. I've never used either (as you can probably tell by my lack of good information ), but I believe they will serve your purposes.
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    That much I figured.

    I am more concerned about how to get the shares automatic. Currently the server is headless.

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