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Thread: Software?

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    yeh thats true
    they are telling the truth but it just maps windows trust me it works, i have used dream weaver with it, and a star wars game

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    Quote Originally Posted by x__dark
    From what I read WINE still allows you to run MS .exe and .dll files without use of any windows coding.
    Right. The difference between WINE and an emulator (which is a little point but worth mentioning) is that an emulator (such as VMWare or Win4Lin) actually recreates the entire MS Windows operating system within a virtual machine and lets you run software from there. These emulators require you to own a legally licensed copy of MS Windows with a valid key, because you're essentially installing it on a new "virtual" computer.

    WINE (and all the projects that use it such as Crossover) don't actually use the MS Windows OS, but rather interpret the instructions sent by programs designed for MS Windows into their Linux equivalent. I imagine this is more detail than you'd like, but I felt it necessary to elaborate.
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    It's actually a very good explaination! Thanks for the input I can't wait to get my linux system up and running. . . it's going to be spectacular!

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