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    Installing NVidia Drivers for my TNT2

    Hi all

    I have got a machine here with Knoppix 3.7, and a TNT2 card.

    I downloaded the driver but I need help installing it.

    I have changed the etc/innittab to level 3 as instructed, thats fine.

    But when I either go into the Konsole (as root) or fo a Ctrl-Alt-F1 and type

    sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86......

    Nothing happens. Also I cant find this XConfig file I am supposed to amend to tell it to use the New drivers. The graphics now are really bad...

    Thanks all


    PS I tried typing the command in froma fresh reboot, so I know X isnt running but iy still doesnt work. No errors: just nothing happens.

    I'm using: Knoppix 3.6 on Celeron 900, 256MB RAM.

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    try actually running
    the file you need to edit will be
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    I seem to remember having to change its permissions before it would run. If that is the case go:

    chmod 777

    before you begin.
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