Hi guys it's me again

Ive been using Knoppix 3.7 but the only problem about it is that the live CD doesnt save your data and stuff. Then I heard about toipologilinux 5.1.0. Ive read this forums review on topologilinux- and overall I think it wasnt exactly what I expected. However, I went to the distro's official site, and installation looked pretty staightfoward and simple. Also, many reviews I have read on the internet say that the installation is long and tedious- but is it?? And what about networking? is that easy to do on topologilinux 5.1.0??? Once you have topologilinux 5.1.0on your system, is it straightford from there in terms of networking and configuration?
If anyone has Topologilinux 5.1.0, or knows a lot about it, please tell me what it is like.