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    Linux single signon using ldap

    Has anybody here configured an single singon solution and have any experinences of functionlity, stability or other rewiews to tip about.

    I want to know other users experiences in this. Im setting up a solution myself and would use some feedback on positive and negative effects, encyption methods and other good thingies using openldap.



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    Sorry, I don't have a solution to your question, but I'm very interested in the subject, too.
    Could you please write about your experience and your - to be? - solution?


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    Hey There,

    There are heap and heaps of options as I'm sure you've come accross but none super easy to establish.

    From my experience I prefer using the PADL software pam ldap library because it is simple to configure to use you ldap server. It works with open ldap, eDirectory, active directory, etc. I believe it comes with most distros of Linux and definitely Redhat/Fedora.

    An advantage about going through PAM is that application (eg Apache) that support PAM authentication require only minimal config to get going too onve the OS is setup!

    From the user perspective - this makes things really simple except for things like password expiry and changing passwords. I believe the passwd program or an alternative can change the ldap passwd's from a host but I have not played with that as I've only been setting up ldap authentication of Linux/Unix os/apps through edirectory and Active Directory where users change thier passwords on their workstation.

    Hope this helps give you more ideas to search on.

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