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Thread: Ram questions

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    Ram questions

    Not really a Linux questions, but it is for my Linux box.
    I have a dual channel ddr board and right now I Have 512 matched ram utilizing the dual channel. I can get a good deal on another 512 stick of ddr but then it will not use the dual channel anymore, but I will have 1 gig of ram. Does anybody know If i will notice a difference or should I save my money and stick with the dual channel?
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    I don't see why you would _lose_ performance, you would have twice as much ram, as for the dual-channel thing, a lot of motherboards designate a certain arrangement of slots for dual-channel that will still operate with more ram, you just have to know which slots those are, check with the manufacturer, but even if you can't keep that, I would still upgrade to 1GB

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