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    Imm looking for a good distro that uses few resources

    I have an old gateway 2000 notebook, 250mhz, 32 mb ram, pentium MMX, and i want a linux distro that uses a nice GUI like KDE or something, i know that KDE usually takes more ram, but i need a distro that can run fast, access the internet easily, and write text documents...

    Something that used floppies would be nice, but a cd .iso would work, help plz!!!

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    Linux Engineer spencerf's Avatar
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    I'm using gentoo right now on a system with 550mhz 128 mg. ram with icewm and have both openoffice and firefox and it runs really really fast for a system with these kind of numbers. Your system should work just fine..little slower but still ok. I would not suggest kde though because it would take all your resources and if all you want to do is surf the internet and write papers then you don't need all kde has to offer. Other distros to look at are damnsmalllinux and other window managers would be fluxbox and enlightenment. take a look at

    good luck.
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    Performance will be poor with 32 MB of RAM and forget about KDE. It will be swapping and that makes performance a nightmare.
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    This has been covered search the forums, but like said fluxbox, xfce are good.

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    As spencerf suggested, try damnsmalllinux. I think it uses fluxbox with a kind of icon-desktop by default, and a browser etc. is included. Only need 50 MB of disk-space.

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    i have a notebook very similar to yours and i just installed dsl yesterday. it runs very nicely and was easy to install.

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    If you're patient, you might be able to get by with Beatrix's Gnome implementation, but that's about as big as you'll be able to go. Vector/Slackware or Zen/Debian would be good choices if you want some more freedom in configuration. Libranet and it's default IceWM desktop would be nice, but it's getting long in the tooth, and I'd expect the Apt pinning is starting to get pulled apart at the seams.

    Zen only because I'm curious about it, but alas, I'm out of hard drive space

    But all the suggestions in this thread are good, and this question is very common, so try searching the forums.
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