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    Dual Booting help!!!!

    I am a Linux newbie(just a month into it, hence the immaturity of the question).
    I am trying to dual boot linux 7.3(coz that is what I have with me right now) with Win XP Pro on a Dell Inspiron 4150 Laptop. Now this laptop does not have a floppy drive!!!( this is my problem). So there is no way i can make a bootalbe diskette.
    My question is this. Once I finish the Red Hat instalation from my CD ROM( the laptop has a bootable CD drive), I will have to reboot the computer and then boot into linux again as will have to copy the first 512 of the root partition of Linux inorder to dual boot. HOW DO I BOOT BACK INTO LINUX ?
    I hope the above makes sense, since I cannot create a bootable disk?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated



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    By linux 7.3, you probably mean RedHat right? Did you install LILO or GRUB? or any boot loader?

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    Yes, i mean Redhat Linux 7.3.. sorry for not mentioning
    Installing the boot loader option comes during the installation process and I chose LILO at that time. i gave the options so that LILO is installed in the first sector of the boot partition and not in the MBR.

    I have only ony hard drive and I freed up 6 GB space before installing linux.

    Hope this helps you infinding a solution for me !!!!

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    the idea is that your PC boots to LILO. This then gives you the choice of all of the various operating systems that you have. So, you would select Windows to boot into Windows or Linux to boot into Linux (etc.).

    I suspect that you haven't told LILO about your windows partition, so you don't get the choice. I believe that the file to look at is called /etc/lilo.conf and you will need some lines like :-


    Which would boot an operating system called DOS on my second partion (hda2) on my first hard disk.

    Check out the LILO stuff in this site and try the 'info lilo' command within a terminal in Linux (I think you need to run /sbin/lilo to 'upload' the new configuration.

    have fun


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    The general rule of thumb for dual booting any computer that has two or more operating systems on it is thus:


    The basic reason for this is that Windows absolutely refuses to boot from anywhere other than the first (master) hard drive on your bus. So, if you've got two separate disks you need Windows on the first one and LILO in the MBR of your first disk.

    As to your specific problem, if you install LILO to the MBR you should be able to dual boot without any problems at all. If you need a sample /etc/lilo.conf file, please say so and I'll tailor one to what your needs are.

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