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    Linux XP Anglais!

    Downloaded Linux XP from the web, but had no idea that it was in Russian! Can anyone find a link to an English version? Much appreciated.

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    Sorry but I'm not under the impression that you did try to find it yourself. The way you are asking questions here makes me wonder where I can send the support bill to. Mandrake/Mandriva is a good distribution to start with.
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    According to Distrowatch, LinuxXP appears to be dormant. Your quest for an English version is probably not a good one. As has already been suggested, there are many other distributions out there that are very good and easy to use for the Linux novice.
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    Re: Linux XP Anglais!

    Quote Originally Posted by digital-catalyst
    Downloaded Linux XP from the web, but had no idea that it was in Russian! Can anyone find a link to an English version? Much appreciated.
    Where did you download it from? Did you check it's website?

    When I looked here, I read this:
    Linux XP is already a leading Linux distribution in Russia. Based on Fedora Core technology it maintains 100% RedHat packages compatibility and broadens its power by implementing new design concepts and new challenging technologies.
    Would it be more wise to go for Fedora ??

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    I think ther was an april fools joke about a "Linux XP" that was exactly like windows, and when he looked for it, found this russian distro

    go for an english distro, as the real linux xpo is dormat. i would suggest fedora or suse, as both are easy to learn, and available online for free

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    Linux XP In English

    Hi Everyone

    Linux XP does in fact also come in English, I have a copy, but cant remember where I downloaded it, if I find the link I will let you know.

    The only problems with this distro is
    A - You only get 95-99 boots before you have to register / buy license.
    B - Do you remember the good old days of windows 95/98, and when XP came out you could get a theme to make 95/98 look like XP ? Well Linux XP is a mixture of 95/98 with the menu bar of XP and the folder icons of win 3.x

    I wasnt that impressed with this distro purely for the purpose of "B" above, if they had kepted to one look and feel, rather tham mimicking 3 versions of windows, maybe I would have liked it more.

    But seeing as its based in Fedora Core, I have installed Fedora Core 5 on my laptop and it looks and works just fantastic.

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