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    Debian, software raid and wine (seperate questions)

    I've used linux/BSD on and off over the last few years and I really haven't switched over from windows because of a few problems I've had in the past. Seems that most of my problems are now gone and I'm ready to switch over for good hopefully.

    well anyways I have installed redhat 8.0 and mandrake 9.0 but I couldnt get wineX from cvs working in either install. somethign was screwy with mandrake, it seemed to be missing a whole bunch of development libraies even tho I did a full install with "everything". redhat installed it flawlessy but it wouldnt run anything just gave segment faults, no idea on that.

    I've heard alot of good things about debian and my university uses it excusivly on all thier systems except the suns of course. My question about it is does it have some sort of software raid I can do? The newest mandrake and redhat seem to support this and I was interested in doing it even tho I haven't tried it. Is software raid really worth it? I was thinking of making a raid of 2 20gig drives that I have.

    Does debian compile wineX good? (redhat and mandrake don't seem to).

    Also my sound card it doesn't seem to be supported by older distros (redhat 7.2 mandrake 8.1). I'm not sure if it was the kernel or just the distros. I have a Hercules game theater xp 6.1, is this supported in debian?

    I downloaded the netinstall debian " ISOLINUX mini-ISO image" and it didn't seem to be bootable. I don't have a floppy drive or I would just boot off them. There has to be a bootable install disc somewhere. what install disc should I use?

    I really apperciate all help.

    Thanks, Seoushi.

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    I've never used RAID before, but from all my sources, all the experts say don't use software RAID. It's not worth it. Get yourself a good RAID card, make sure it has support for linux, plug it in and have a good time. Also, Wine may offer Windows compatibility, but from what I've seen, it's a joke. Sorry, guys, just my opinion.

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