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    booting from usb without mobo support

    I too just got slax linux and have it on my usb stick.

    Only problem is my bios dosnt work when boot usb-hdd is selected or any of the other options. But i no it does work, as ive tried it in a friends pc..

    So what i want to know, is there a way of booting the linux os thats on the usb drive from the floppy?

    I have mandrake installed on the harddisk, and have a lilo floppy to boot that (i didnt want to mess up the windows mbr) is there anyway to add an option to my lilo boot loader to load the system on the usb disk?

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    In theory, you should be able to boot it from lilo as if it were a second linux installation on your machine. You may have to add the device to /etc/fstab so that lilo knows where to look (which would mean that the device would be static, not automounted).
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    ok, i was thinking that, ive had a go but i cant get it to work...

    Ive been doing it through the mandrake control center, how would it be best to do it? what exactly do i need to do?

    Sorry for being slow!

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